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Legal Aid

Although publicly funded work is under constant scrutiny by the government, we believe it is vital in providing access to justice.

With these ever growing pressures we appreciate how important it is for you to maximise your return for the time spent assisting your clients without a detrimental impact on your cash flow.

With many years' experience in this field, our services are designed to allow you to focus on your cases, leaving us to ensure the best possible recovery outcome in the shortest time.

Our service encompasses all publicly funded work and we will provide the service which best suits your needs, while our fee structure is designed to be completely transparent without hidden fees.

Our service can include:
  • Complete cradle to grave service, returning your file once the costs issues have been concluded.
  • Preparation of your bill/claim form for submission to the LSC or the court.
  • Preparation of high cost case plans.
  • Advice on enhancements.
  • Appeals to the LSC and the court including representation by a qualified advocate.

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