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Why use Civil & Commercial?

Some key selling points of our service above our competitors

  • We undertake all receiving party work on a costs neutral basis, so there is no cost to the solicitor client.
  • All our fees are recovered from the Defendant in addition to, as opposed to deducted from, the Solicitor’s costs and disbursements.
  • Most of our competitors negotiate on informal schedules, only drawing a bill as a last resort. This practice produces inferior recoveries for two reasons:
    • The negotiation fee is deducted from the solicitors costs rather than claimed in addition.
    • The full costs can only be calculated by preparation of a full bill of costs and invariably with schedules time is missed, immediately reducing the potential for recovery.
    Solicitors often tolerate this for cash flow reasons - traditionally, drawing a bill takes much longer than a schedule. However, with proper human resourcing, a tailor made case management system, and state of the art bill drafting software, we draw bills with the same turnaround time as our competitors offer for schedules. This generates sensible offers earlier and drives higher settlement rates with a significant increase in solicitors' profit costs recovery. As soon as a bill is served the clock starts running, ensuring defendants focus on settling as failure to do so will see costs assessed by the court if they are not agreed.

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Flexible services to give you maximum control

To give you maximum control of your costs recovery process, we offer both a Complete Service and a Modular Service, allowing us to meet your requirements while you retain strategic control.

A complete costs recovery service, including:
  • Going on record
  • preparing Part 8 proceedings and any necessary application for a payment on account or interim certificate
  • preparing bill of costs; negotiating with defendant representatives on delegated authority considering points in dispute
  • preparing replies
  • preparing request for detailed assessment hearing and supporting papers
  • attending detailed assessment hearings
  • preparing and agreeing figures for final costs certificate
  • lodging with court and reporting
A modular costs recovery service that lets you tailor the work you require, including:
  • Preparing Part 8 proceedings
  • Preparing bill of costs
  • Preparing replies
  • Advice on quantum
  • Preparing request for detailed assessment hearing and supporting papers
  • Preparing application for interim certificate and papers in support
  • Attending detailed assessment hearings
  • Preparing and agreeing figures for final costs certificate